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Jeffrey Todd Streelman, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
Krone Engineered Biosystems Building, 3007
todd.streelman at biology dot gatech dot edu
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Current Postdocs

Zachary Johnson, Ph.D.
NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow
I completed my Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Emory University in Dr. Larry Young’s laboratory, where I used optogenetic, neuroendocrine, molecular, and genetic techniques to study the neurobiology of social attachment behaviors in prairie voles. I’m currently investigating the genetic and neural basis of social behavior in Lake Malawi cichlid fishes as a postdoc in the Streelman and McGrath labs. I am using single nuclei RNA-sequencing to study the neurogenetic basis of bower construction, a complex social behavior whereby males construct bower structures for courtship and mating but not for raising offspring. Approximately 200 cichlid species exhibit bower construction behavior, and species differences in structure are associated with genetic variation on a region of one chromosome. My goal is to understand how this genetic variation shapes nervous system function and ultimately behavior. In the long run, I hope to build a lab that integrates genomics, endocrinology, and behavioral neuroscience to understand social behavior. I’m currently on the job market seeking a tenure-track faculty position.
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Current PhD Students

George Gruenhagen
Bioinformatics PhD Student
Bionformatics PhD Student studying the single cell transcriptomics of regenerative dental processes in vertebrates and social behavior in Lake Malawi cichlids. Aims to decipher, interpret, and visualize the complex transcriptomes of cells during these context-dependent biological processes
Brianna Hegarty
Biology PhD Student
I am a Biology PhD student interested in the genetic and neural signatures underlying variation in evolved social behavior. I am currently utilizing single-nuclei RNA sequencing techniques and spatial transcriptomics to investigate bower-building neural networks and gene expression patterns in the cichlid telencephalon with cellular resolution.
Tucker Lancaster
Quantitative Biosciences PhD Student
Graduate student in the Quantitative BioScience program, focusing on biological applications of machine-learning and computer-vision. Currently working to improve automated workflows for accurate, high-volume characterization of Cichlid behaviors, including bower-construction and courtship.
Katie Leatherbury
Biology PhD Student
Graduate student in the Biology PhD program interested in understanding neuronal networks and the genomics of complex social behaviors in vertebrates. Currently I am studying rock dwelling Malawi cichlids and aim to use single cell transcriptomics to analyze and make comparisons of specific genetic variants across multiple rock species that are expressed during certain behavioral interactions.
Talha Mubeen
Biology PhD Student
I am a dentist who has specialised in orthodontics, currently a Biology PhD student, interested in bioengineering dental and craniofacial tissues. Presently I am working on craniofacial morphogenesis and transcriptomics of dental regeneration. In my free time, I like making snowmans.


Current Undergraduate Students

Cristina Baker
Beckman Scholar
2021 Neuroscience BSc Graduate from Georgia Tech. Funded by the Beckman Foundation to investigate the genetic underpinnings of complex social behavior through implementation of spatial transcriptomics in the cichlid telencephalon.


Lab Alumni

Former Postdocs:

Former PhD Students:

  • Chinar Patil, Ph.D – Scientist at QIAGEN, Durham, North Carolina
  • Ryan Bloomquist – DMD/Ph.D at GIT and the Medical College of Georgia’s School of Dentistry
  • Yong-Hwee Eddie Loh, Ph.D. – Informatics Specialist, Norris Medical Library, University of Southern California
  • Nicholas Parnell, Ph.D. – Physiological Research Lab Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Jonathan Sylvester, Ph.D. – Lecturer, Georgia State University
  • Liliana Lettieri, Ph.D.

Former Research Personnel:

Former Undergraduate Students:

  • Tobias Hoffmann – Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Biological Sciences
  • Stephanie Grimes
  • Anika Scholz – Georgia Aquarium
  • Kristine Phillips – Dental School
  • Patrick Pietrzak – University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine
  • Mary Grace Tadros
  • Asma Zuberi
  • Kathy Uyesegi
  • Avery Shook
  • Maya Tome
  • Rachel Miro
  • Christian Reinhardt
  • Dan Cohen
  • Joe Stockert
  • Nicholas Schappaugh
  • Meryl Mims – University of Washington, graduate school
  • Richard Roberts – Georgia Institute of Technology, graduate school
  • Diana Boothe – Peace Corps, Africa
  • Kristine Uyesugi – Medical School
  • Tricia Dudek – Medical School
  • Emily Hortenstine – Teach for America, San Francisco